Law of Attraction Tips

The Law of Attraction can seem confusing at first, especially the bit that says that we have attracted everything that’s currently in our life. That can’t be right, can it? But actually it is, so we need to learn how to make the law of attraction work for us. Here are some ways that we can do that.

Law of Attraction Tips

law of attractionBe clear about what you want

This is probably the biggest “secret” in the whole of the law of attraction. It’s certainly worth spending some time on this part.

You need to be crystal clear about what you want. The universe works very literally and is almost child-like in the way it understands things. This means that it has difficulty coping with negatives.

So it will translate the phrase “I don’t want to be fat” as “I want to be fat”. Because it ignores the negative word. Ouch!

Write out what you want to get. Spell it out in detail so that anyone could draw a picture of what you’ve written and come up with the same aim as you. Make the colors vivid, make the sounds loud, smell the smells, etc.

The clearer you can be, the better.

Put some effort in!

Movies like “The Secret” make out that you can make the law of attraction work for you without putting any effort in yourself.

That’s just not true.

The good news is that the effort you put in is nowhere near what you get back.

It’s a bit like tithing some of your income – the rule of thumb is that you get back what you give away ten fold. Which sounds odd to start with but if you start practicing it – with no expectation of return – you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much you get back.

The same goes for anything you’ve set your heart on:

Once you’ve made your aims crystal clear, you’ll find yourself noticing things that will help you get closer to your goal. Take them! These are signs of the law of attraction working with you to help you reach your goal.

Be grateful

The universe is quite simple about this: be grateful for everything you get. Say “thank you” to the universe – out loud or in your head, whichever you’re more comfortable with. But whatever you do, be grateful.

A lot of people find that the easiest way to keep being grateful is to keep a diary. Jot down all the things that have happened to you during the day that you are grateful for.

At first, this may be a bit of a struggle but like everything else we focus on it becomes a lot easier as you make it part of your routine.

If there are days when you’re feeling a bit low or where you think the universe is out to get you rather than out to help you, skim through all the things you’ve been grateful for over the last few days and notice your mood lift.

Keep working at it

Our society has trained us to want everything now, this instant. 24 hour shopping, fast food everywhere, television on demand and lots of other things mount up to tell us that anything we want is available now.

The universe isn’t normally that fast. It takes a bit longer to deliver the things that you want to attract using the law of attraction.

Often it’s pretty fast at delivering – turnarounds of a month or less are regularly reported as a result of using the law of attraction. But you do need to give it a bit of time to come up with the things you want to attract into your life.

Banish negatives from your life

As mentioned earlier, the universe has a hard time dealing with negatives. And whilst your mind also struggles, it does a better job.

It’s very easy to get dragged down by all the negative influences we have in our lives.

Cut out the easy stuff – newspapers, internet news, television news. They’re all negative drains on you and they are so not necessary. If something important happens, you’ll find out soon enough.

Once your friends and colleagues come round to the idea that you’re clueless about major news events they’ll tell you the ones that they think you need to know.

If cutting out negative sources in your life isn’t enough then positively go after positive and happy influences. Positive news is almost as rare as hens teeth so go for comedy shows instead. Give yourself a daily dose of comedy and see how it turns round your attitude to life for the better.

Go with the flow

If whatever you’re trying to attract with the law of attraction seems to be getting further away rather than closer that could mean a few things:

It could mean that whatever you think you want isn’t actually for you. At least at this moment in your life.

Or it could mean that you need to tack and turn on your journey towards your goal. This is quite common and nothing to worry about.

Most journeys don’t go from A to B in a straight line and attracting things into your life with the law of attraction is no exception.

The turnings and distractions are often a necessary part of your journey, even if they’re only clear in hindsight, if at all.

Put your faith in the law of attraction to deliver your wildest dreams into your life and prepare to be amazed how close it comes.

And don’t be surprised when the law of attraction goes into superdrive and actually delivers more than you originally requested.

You can cover for this last part when you’re writing out your requests. Use phrases like “at least” to signify that you’re open to the law of attraction beating your expectations.

The universe is vast which means that the capability of the law of attraction to overdeliver is equally vast. Give it room to overdeliver and prepare for the best to happen.

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