Signs Of The Law Of Attraction At Work

Sometimes, despite our best efforts at bringing things into our life, the law of attraction can seem quite stubborn. Deep down, you know that things are probably happening but your conscious mind is constantly nagging you for proof that things are happening. Now. This minute! So, what cam you look for in the way of signs to show that the law of attraction is really at work?

Law of attraction signs image5 Signs of the Law of Attraction Working for you

1. Coincidences happen more often

Part of the process of the law of attraction is the occurrence of coincidences. These happen all the time but when you’re trying to manifest things into your life, they can occur more often.

These often subtle signs are often missed in the normal course of events, so it pays to sit down at the end of each day and run through the things that have happened which fit under the umbrella of coincidence.

Jot them down in a journal and you’ll probably start to see a pattern emerging that relates to the items that you’re intending to manifest in your life.

2. Synchronicity happens more often

This is related to the coincidences side of things. Synchronicity is when two unrelated events happen close together and although they at first appear completely unrelated, they have more in common than you’d expect at first glance.

Synchronicity is often reported in scientific experiments where researchers in different parts of the globe – and who have had no contact with each other’s research teams – come up with the same idea.

Again, note any such events down in your daily journal because in much the same way as coincidences, synchronicity seems to happen much more when you pay attention to it.

3. Opportunities arrive at the right time

This is when you really start to realize that the law of attraction is beginning to work for you.

As with the other options we’ve looked at, opportunities are actually in our life nearly all the time. But they often hide in plain sight which means we miss them.

The law of attraction brings a focus to our lives even if we don’t acknowledge that at first.

Keep your mind open for opportunities that could lead you further along the road to manifesting whatever it is that you’ve set your heart on.

4. You’re more focused

Even the more scatter brained amongst us will likely notice that they have more focus when they have set out an intention to manifest something using the law of attraction.

Even if you don’t do much (if anything) after you’ve set your intention, your mind and the universe both know that you have placed the idea out there for something to happen.

In turn, this will translate into more focus for you. At first, maybe not much. But over time you’ll spot this sure fire signal that the law of attraction is at work, beavering away in the background, to make your desire come true.

5. You feel more in charge

This is similar to the fourth point but is a step closer to manifesting all those things you’ve focused your thoughts on.

It’s the control freak side of you sticking its head above the parapet.

Again, since this probably isn’t a natural state for you, it takes a bit of time to show but persevere and it will definitely come about more in your life and you’ll start to see the signs showing you that the law of attraction is working for you in a positive way.

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