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Explaining the Law of Attraction

If truth be told understanding the law of attraction is not as hard as you might think. Simply put it means like attracts like.

According to this belief, focusing on a positive or a negative idea or thought attracts similar consequences. More clearly said, thinking well attracts good results and thinking bad brings similar – but less welcome – results in your life.

However, we need to go deeper to properly understand the law of attraction.

As the law dictates, someone who is thinking about a specific topic or problem stays focused on that topic and receives real life consequences based on that.

For example, consider the thoughts of very hungry person. He or she would think either “I need more food” or “I do not have enough food”. This leads them to focus on “need more food” or “do not have enough food”.

Thinking about the solution or what they already have could help them to change the thinking pattern and result. This means they should think “I have food unlike before” rather than “I do not have enough food”. Notice that this example is for a temporary situation: the person in question would not think about hunger once they have a full stomach.

This can be applied for more lengthy situations like your financial condition, accommodation problems or a relationship situation.

The problem is if the law is taken for granted then some questions can never be answered.

If thinking good attracts good and thinking bad attracts bad then what would happen when two people are thinking about the same thing?

If three candidates are available for one job and everyone is thinking positively, then who would get the job?

And what about those who experience a sudden bad condition like getting robbed, regardless once or repeatedly. It is as though they were thinking about getting robbed.

These questions are in direct conflict with the very idea of the Law of Attraction.

However, many believe these problems are caused by how the law is applied in real life, not for how they are stated.

Other than these confusions, the law of attraction is pretty simple to understand.

You just either have to focus on the good idea or change the negative idea to positive for good results. Otherwise, you will get what to think about.

Points to Consider When Applying the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the universal law that states that we become and get what we mostly think about and focus our minds at.

Many people normally hear about this law but fail to know and understand how to apply the law so as to be able to improve their lives. I shall take you through the law and help you apply and understand it better in your life so as it can be advantageous to you in your path towards fulfilling your dream.

To apply the law of attraction you should first understand that you as a person are responsible for what you want and what you want to achieve in your life. The responsibility on your side is due to the fact that you attract most what you think about. If you think about failure or bad things that’s what you get and if you think about success and good things that’s what you get. (Basically likes attract likes).

Therefore as a person who knows this law the first step is focusing, paying attention and putting their energy so as the things he or she wants exists in their brain and therefore allow them to attract the things they want in their lives.

Another important thing to consider when applying the law of attraction is that you attract your life purpose by doing what you like. Since by doing what you like you continuously think about it and concentrate to it till you achieve you life goals.

You should also write a positive affirmation that you shall always say to yourself .It should also be a dedication to yourself that all your energy and efforts shall go towards achieving you dreams. By writing this down it has been shown that human beings think about more about their goals therefore enabling the law of attraction to work more effectively towards helping them achieve their goals.

Meditation is also an important part towards achieving success in the law of attraction since it also helps us focus our minds to what we want and need. The meditation should be done properly and be guided

When you get an idea when applying the law take positive action towards it since it normally the universe which is guiding you through this process.

And finally always express gratitude if all works in your way. Through applying these simple steps a person will always see the effect of the law of attraction.

Can the Law of Attraction Help Me?

Can the law of attraction help me land a job? Can the law of attraction help me find my lifetime partner? Can the law of attraction help me secure a job?

The answer to those questions are all YES. Yes it can and yes it will.
What is the law of attraction, anyway?

If you read The Secret or watched the video, then this term is very familiar to you. Law of attraction means that your thoughts are capable in attracting your dreams and even your fears. May it be good or bad, if you let your mind dwell on that event, it will happen.
Remember that time when you are late for work and you worry too much about it? For some reason the every stoplight turns red, the cab you are in stops for a gas refill or worse, it breaks down. What about that time when you walk in for an interview of your dream job? You ended up getting the job offer in no time.

We have the capability to choose our thoughts but with the random thoughts running on our mind, how can we choose them? There a lot of thoughts and a lot of emotions associated to your thoughts. It may be difficult to control them. Those hundred thoughts and emotions can either be classified as good or bad. Focus on the good. Instead of thinking that you are going to be late or that you are scared of that job interview, redirect your thoughts by thinking that you can get to your work in no time and you will get that dream job.

Know what you want, visualize it and verbalize that you can and you will get it. Once you have believed it, you will be amazed on how everything just happens the way you expected them to be. The secret there is, once you conditioned yourself, your actions direct you in getting that goal.

How to Manifest Wealth in Your Life

A lot of people see the law of attraction as their fast route to manifest wealth and, if you’re diligent in your approach, that can certainly be the case. At its simplest, the law of attraction works by changing the way your body “vibrates”. This can seem odd at first but once you get over how simple it is to do in practice you’ll find yourself manifesting wealth in your life faster than you ever believed was possible.

Manifest wealth imageSuspend your disbelief

Walt Disney was right about this. For a lot of us, the movies are real whilst we’re sitting in the cinema, popcorn in one hand, soft drink in the other (just to ground us enough!), wearing our 3D specs.

But you don’t need to spend the millions of dollars that Hollywood lavishes on movies to have your own experience of suspending disbelief.

Chances are that your conscious mind is sitting there between you and your dream. So your task is to get it to move out of the way long enough for your dream to start to manifest itself.

How you distract your mind is up to you – lots of people find meditating works fast – but it’s critical to letting the law of attraction do its thing fast.

Focus on your target

This could be a dollar amount – in which case, make whatever statement you use as one of your affirmations include the words “at least”. This gives the universe the chance to exceed your expectations. Which it’s very good at doing if you let it carry out whatever manifestation task you’ve set it.

So set your target, focus on it at regular intervals and then let the universe work out precisely how your target is going to be delivered. It’s often a slightly indirect method that the law of attraction uses (sometimes wildly indirect) so just go wth the flow on this rather than fretting over minute details.

Allow yourself to manifest wealth

Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle between us and the wealth we want to manifest is actually ourself.

If you’re forever putting obstacles – real or imagined – in the way of the things you truly want to manifest in your life then you need to find a way to either stop yourself creating these obstacles or, for those times when you realize too late that you’re getting in your own way, dismantling them faster than you can rebuild them.

Deep down, you’ll know how you sabotage yourself.

You’ll probably know the things that trigger it as well.

If it’s easy to do, keep yourself away from whatever it is that triggers you to avoid manifesting wealth and other nice things. That could be as simple as taking a different route somewhere or trapping those negative thoughts whilst they’re still gestating. Feel free to play around with this until you find a technique that works for you most of the time.

If it’s not something you can trap that way then get hold of some kind of inspirational material that will help to change the way you think about the law of attraction forever.

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Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life

The law of attraction promises a lot. Pretty much anything you want in any quantity you want. Pure abundance is often one of the quoted benefits. But then you come to put it into practice and find that whilst those things are possible in theory, obtaining them in practice isn’t as easy. Here are 5 simple tips to help you apply the law of attraction in your life and bring it’s promises to fruition.

Applying the law of attraction image1. Be clear about what you want

I know this one sounds a bit like a broken record. But the clearer you are about the outcome of whatever it is that you want to attract, the easier attracting it will be.

For instance, a red car could mean anything. It could be a Matchbox toy, an old banger that’s not fit to be anywhere other than the scrapyard, a half way decent car that’s about a decade old or a gleaming brand new red Ferrari.

So give the universe a chance to help you and be as clear as you possibly can be about whatever it is you want to attract into your life.

2. Make space – clear the clutter

Despite the fact that the universe is almost completely empty, it actually abhors a vacuum. And by clearing space in your life you will leave room for the universe to fill it with the things you’re trying to attract.

Start by tidying up your living space. Spend an hour having a massive clear out. If that’s not long enough, do the same again tomorrow so you don’t give yourself time to get bored with the exercise.

The feeling of space that you create is very real. Instead of having to move half a dozen objects before you can even waggle your computer mouse around, you’ll have desk space in abundance. The same goes for other areas of your living space. Those piles of magazines that you might turn back to (but in reality, never will). Even those books with the bookmarks signifying that you’ve never completed them – find a good home for them and let someone else have the pleasure of reading them.

3. Act on the opportunities life gives you

Too often, we ignore the opportunities that come our way.

Maybe we’re doing something else at the time and think that we’ll come back to that fleeting passing opportunity (you already know you won’t but you try to fool yourself anyway).

Maybe there’s a bit of effort involved. And the movies we watched about the law of attraction said all you’d have to do was “vibrate” at the right level and everything else would fall into place. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there’s a fat chance of that happening. But the amount of effort you have to put in is often surprisingly little – the universe will notice that you’re actually doing something towards realizing your goal and will step in like a gallant white knight now that you’ve proven it’s not just a pipe dream.

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