3 Simple Steps To Apply The Law Of Attraction In Your Life

The law of attraction is stated as every negative or positive thing that happens to you was attracted by you.

Now the question arises how to apply the law of attraction?

Well, the answer to it revolves around three steps:

  • Apply the law of attraction imageAsk
  • Believe
  • Receive

These three broad categories can be kept in the following simple terms that will let you understand exactly how to use this law.

Although often unknowingly, all of us use the attraction law every second of our lives just like you have attracted reading this article now.

If you’re having a hard time in class or at work and one of your friends and teachers helps you, in both the cases you are under the call of action of the attraction decree.

Meditate for five to ten minutes and try to make it a habit daily.

It will help you control your brain power and let your mind stay in a relaxed state whilst you make decisions.

The following steps are the recommended ones to apply the law of attraction at the correct place in the perfect time.

Do not doubt yourself whenever you make decisions. Be clear in your thoughts that will tune you into the productive frequency of results from the universe.

Look for the thing which makes you strongly enthusiastic. It might not be logically correct but it is exactly what you desire.

Always have an imaginary universe created in your mind where you make request.

You do not need to speak words if you don’t want to but you can send visual thoughts, or pictures to sit and wait for the answers.

You need to visualize your dreams or whatever you are heading towards.

For example if you have a crush on a person, see yourself going around with him or her, caressing and touching the person or even kissing.

If you wish to own a Nintendo Wii, see yourself at the control of the game and the one holding the console.

Write your wish down in a present tense as if you are living in it at the moment.

You may start with “I am so grateful and happy now that…” Avoid using a negative tone in whatever you write. It is much more effective if you write it and visualize at the same time, every day till your dream comes true.

You must feel it all the time: when you think about having it or being successful. This will enhance your meditative power and practice when you can experience the joy as if you have accomplished your goal already.

Your actions must be as though you are receiving it now, in the present time.

This is in fact the most important, commanding step in using the mighty law of action.

This way you feel that you have it already.

This thought is manifested by the universe and you will actually receive it very soon with clear thoughts all the way.

You need to show gratitude to the universe and trust it by thanking for all that it has given to you.

This will eventually build a channel of positive thoughts in your mind and help the universe to reciprocate good results in everything you wish.

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