5 Create Money Affirmations

A big part of creating abundance in your life is the way you think – your mindset. If you’re always thinking about lack of things then that’s what your mind will focus on. Affirmations are an excellent way to help change your mind. Here are some good affirmations to help create abundance and (almost as important) the reasoning behind them so that your rational mind doesn’t just kick in and scupper your efforts.

Creating abundance imageI am always in the right place at the right time

Not necessarily directly related to abundance (although it has a larger bearing on it than most of us would give credit for) but definitely a worthwhile affirmation.

Lucky people practice this all the time – they’re always in the right place, with the right lottery ticket numbers and the best seats in the house.

Why? Because they live and breathe this affirmation. So the closer you can get to believing this, the closer you’ll get to creating abundance in your life.

I can see abundance everywhere around me

The nice part about this affirmation is that your conscious mind has real difficulty doing anything other than agree with it.

There truly is abundance everywhere. Whether it’s thousands of cars on the freeway, miles of roads taking you everywhere you care to go, the sky which stretches to the horizon and beyond, and so on.

If you’re struggling to create abundance in your life, start with this affirmation as it will chip away at the edges of any negative beliefs you’re secretly harboring about abundance.

I am healthy and wealthy

This particular affirmation works with your health as well as financial abundance. Which is good because it’s a very good idea to keep a balance between your health and your bank balance.

Although we can’t always affect our health, there are definitely things we can do to point ourselves in the right direction. There’s no point in running yourself into the ground so that you won’t be able to experience the pleasure you can get from spending – and giving away – parts of your newly increased wealth.

I am a money magnet

At first glance, this one may seem odd. Especially as most money is based on paper or images on a computer screen and therefore isn’t inherently magnetic. But the imagery of the magnet attracting things to it switches well to attracting money. In your mind’s eye, you can probably see those dollar bills making their way towards you.

Play with that vision – in your imagination and your dreams, envisage a swarm of dollar bills all heading in your direction and sticking themselves to your clothing before you count them up and put them in your bank account.

I am creating money in my life

Remember this doesn’t mean that you’re forging checks or currency! It also doesn’t mean that you’re doing your own equivalent of quantitive easing (printing money for governments).

Creating money means doing whatever you need to do to add value to other people’s lives. We’ll all happily pay for things that we want – whether they’re complicated electronics like an iPhone or simple things like a hand crafted card.

Find something you can do that benefits other people so much that they’ll pay you handsomely for it and you’re well on your way to creating money in your life.

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