Affirmations To Attract Wealth and Abundance

One of the best ways to help attract wealth and abundance in your life is to use affirmations. These are normally short sentences that you repeat on a regular basis. Whilst affirmations are good around the clock, some of the best times are first thing in the morning (to set the tone for the day) and last thing at night (to keep your subconscious on track whilst you sleep). Here are three affirmations that you can use at these times – or any other times – to keep you on track to attracting more wealth and abundance into your life.

Attract wealth and abundance image3 Affirmations to Attract Wealth:

1. I live in an abundant universe

This one is great as it reinforces the idea of the universe being abundant with absolutely everything. We all know that the universe is incomprehensibly big – even Zaphod Beeblebrox sometimes had issues although his ego normally got the better of things – but sometimes we still concentrate on the small details. In turn, this can stop the universe from helping us to live an abundant life as easily as we should be able to. So repeating this simple affirmation can help get it into our minds that there is lots of everything and that we can have our share without limiting or cramping other people.

2. I allow myself to attract money

It’s possible that this affirmation seems a bit “wooly” at first but take a step back and think about it. You are actually giving yourself the permission that you need in order to be able to attract money into your life.

Quite often we hold ourselves back because we feel that we’re not worthy enough to be rich. We sometimes also put a negative spin on being rich and actually start to repel money and other abundance rather than attract them.

The phrasing of this affirmation is deliberately such that it’s simply allowing us to attract money. This then lets our subconscious mind take over without any of the negative baggage that money so often brings with it if we give it that permission.

3. I accept prosperity and abundance into my life

This third affirmation is slightly stronger than the first two and, as such, you may decide to hold off from using it for a few days until your mind has started to become accepting of the fact  that you’re living in an incredibly abundant universe and that the process of attracting wealth has actually started.

Because, make no mistake about it, repeating these three seemingly simple affirmations on a regular basis will start to change your life for the better.

They’ll chip away at your previous mindset, eating away at the edges of your previous limiting beliefs.

The good news about using affirmations is that you don’t really have to do anything other than repeat them on a reasonably regular basis. Your subconscious mind will then automatically leap to the conclusion that this is what you truly desire and will set its course to deliver wealth and abundance into your life without much – if any – further intervention on your part.

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