Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life

The law of attraction promises a lot. Pretty much anything you want in any quantity you want. Pure abundance is often one of the quoted benefits. But then you come to put it into practice and find that whilst those things are possible in theory, obtaining them in practice isn’t as easy. Here are 5 simple tips to help you apply the law of attraction in your life and bring it’s promises to fruition.

Applying the law of attraction image1. Be clear about what you want

I know this one sounds a bit like a broken record. But the clearer you are about the outcome of whatever it is that you want to attract, the easier attracting it will be.

For instance, a red car could mean anything. It could be a Matchbox toy, an old banger that’s not fit to be anywhere other than the scrapyard, a half way decent car that’s about a decade old or a gleaming brand new red Ferrari.

So give the universe a chance to help you and be as clear as you possibly can be about whatever it is you want to attract into your life.

2. Make space – clear the clutter

Despite the fact that the universe is almost completely empty, it actually abhors a vacuum. And by clearing space in your life you will leave room for the universe to fill it with the things you’re trying to attract.

Start by tidying up your living space. Spend an hour having a massive clear out. If that’s not long enough, do the same again tomorrow so you don’t give yourself time to get bored with the exercise.

The feeling of space that you create is very real. Instead of having to move half a dozen objects before you can even waggle your computer mouse around, you’ll have desk space in abundance. The same goes for other areas of your living space. Those piles of magazines that you might turn back to (but in reality, never will). Even those books with the bookmarks signifying that you’ve never completed them – find a good home for them and let someone else have the pleasure of reading them.

3. Act on the opportunities life gives you

Too often, we ignore the opportunities that come our way.

Maybe we’re doing something else at the time and think that we’ll come back to that fleeting passing opportunity (you already know you won’t but you try to fool yourself anyway).

Maybe there’s a bit of effort involved. And the movies we watched about the law of attraction said all you’d have to do was “vibrate” at the right level and everything else would fall into place. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there’s a fat chance of that happening. But the amount of effort you have to put in is often surprisingly little – the universe will notice that you’re actually doing something towards realizing your goal and will step in like a gallant white knight now that you’ve proven it’s not just a pipe dream.

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