Attract Studio Review

Attract Studio promises to intensify your law of attraction results. It does this by using videos – a good idea because it’s reckoned that around one out of every two people are near enough totally”visual” by nature. Which means that they learn best when they see things. And a large chunk of the rest of the population have visual as their second preferred method of learning things.

Attract Studio homes in on this by helping you to create your own law of attraction movies to reinforce this learning style.

What Does Attract Studio Do?

Attract Studio imageIt’s a complete, self contained law of attraction package.

There’s a short guide that explains all about the law of attraction. This is useful if you’re a beginner in this area. And it’s also a good way to recap what you already know and fill in any gaps or misconceptions.

There’s a 90 minute law of attraction movie. This is practical – there are a number of simple exercises that you’ll do whilst you watch the movie. It’s also a demonstration of how you can create your own high impact law of attraction movies – Attract Studio explains all the techniques you’ll be using.

The Attract Studio package also includes two guided audio CDs – you can use these in situations where it’s not practical to watch a video such as when you’re driving (they’re safe to use in that situation).

If you’re impatient like me, Attract Studio also includes 10 ready made law of attraction movies that you can start using straight away. These are top quality videos, created in high resolution, which will not only give you a quick start but act as idea boards for when you branch out to create your own law of attraction movies using the techniques that Attract Studio shows you.

Attract Studio also comes with 115 pre-written affirmations. It’s important to get the wording right on affirmations so you can either use these “as-is” or use them as templates to tweak so that you get highly personalized affirmations for your videos.

Two summary sheets – very useful once you’ve gone through the main manual. Or, if you’re impatient, a good place to start and then referring back to the manual if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

Attract Studio Pros and Cons

Attract Studio is a comprehensive package to help you put the law of attraction into practice.


  • Comprehensive guide to the law of attraction
  • Comprehensive guide to creating your own law of attraction movies
  • Ready made law of attraction movies for a fast start
  • Ready written affirmations


  • Delivered by post – if you’re impatient, you’ll need to wait for the postman to deliver the CDs
  • Very visual – if you’re mainly audio or kinesthetic then this isn’t the product for you

Attract Studio Summary

This is a comprehensive package which is reflected in the price. But you do get a set of very accomplished ready-made law of attraction videos plus full and detailed instruction on how to create your own, totally personalized, law of attraction movies.

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