Law of Attraction – Attract What You Desire

The law of attraction is a bit like a computer program – you send commands or signals out to the universe and get back something close to what you asked for. The more precise your request, the closer the end result is likely to be to what you thought you originally asked for. There’s a good chance that what you’re currently attracting isn’t what you’d like to manifest into your life. So how can you change that and reprogram your mind to attract what you truly desire into your life?

Your mind is a powerful computer. But, like any computer, it works on the “garbage in, garbage out” principle. If you’re not attracting what you want into your life, something needs to change. And the easiest thing to change – even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment – is the programming of your mind.

Our mind and the law of attractionOur complex yet simple minds and the Law of Attraction

Our minds are incredibly complex. We haven’t been able to create a computer that even comes close to what our minds can do. But despite this complexity, our minds are also quite simple.

How so?

Some of this conundrum is the result of evolution. Parts of our mind developed a lot earlier. These are the parts that help with survival – causing a fight or flight response for instance, even though the only opponent we’re facing is someone else who’s stuck in the same traffic jam as we are.

Our conscious mind deals with our thoughts. It’s the bit of your brain that is reading this now and hopefully understanding what is being said. It’s the part that makes us intelligent, that creates nice things and generally helps us to stand out from the majority of other creatures on our planet.

It’s also the part that wants to attract good things into our lives but singularly fails to do so for lots of people.

That’s actually one of the many jobs of our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious does most of the routine “thinking” that we do. Whether that’s to tell your lungs that they need another dose of oxygen, your stomach that it’s time for some more food (again) or any one of the myriad of tasks that we do, day in, day out, without really thinking about them.

And it’s this part of our mind that we need to reprogram in order to be able to make the law of attraction deliver on all those fancy promises that everyone associated with it makes.

The good news is that a lot of this reprogramming of our subconscious mind can be done by changing how we focus on things.

If you’re the kind of person who looks at things negatively, you’ve got more work to do than someone who sees the glass in front of them as half full.

But all is not lost.

Just catch yourself as often as possible when you drift into a negative state.

Then switch your thoughts round so that they’re positive. Even when the outward indications are that you’re talking garbage!

Try this for the next few weeks.

Every time you find yourself drifting into a negative thought pattern, rephrase it.

If you can’t do that, throw the thought out completely – it’s sometimes easier to do this than it is to work out how on earth to change how you’re thinking. So distract yourself, put on a happy music track or watch part of a comedy show on TV or on YouTube.

The good news is that the more often you do this, the easier it gets and the more often you’ll be thinking the positive thoughts that help make the law of attraction come true in your life.

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