Attracting Girls

Although the law of attraction is often associated with manifesting money and abundance, it also applies to near enough any other area of your life. And that includes attracting girls if you’re a man or attracting men if you’re a lady for that matter. So how can you go about attracting girls by using the law of attraction?

Start by working out who you want to attract. Don’t go down to the level of a specific name as she may be unavailable – married or just not interested in you are two possibilities here – and that would make the process of attracting difficult or even impossible.

Attracting girls – how does it work?Attracting girls image

Instead, it sounds a bit nerdy but one of the easiest ways is to make out a list of all the different characteristics that you’re looking for in the girl of your dreams.

These can be a mixture of physical attributes such as hair color, height, weight range, eye color and so on. And also other attributes such as a sense of humor, intelligence, whether or not she is outward going, the kind of hobbies and interests that you share.

It may also pay to jot down a few points that you don’t like. Because the law of attraction takes requests literally and ignores negatives, you won’t be using these directly otherwise you’ll end up with the girl of your nightmares. But it does pay to look at these and then deduce what the opposite is so that you can add that in to your list of traits that you’re trying to attract.

Once you’ve got your list, it’s time to move on to stage two of attracting the right girl or girls into your life. Longer term, because of the way our society works, this will ultimately probably be one girl. Sure, Hugh Hefner can get away with a girl on each arm but us mere mortals may not get to that stage – or get away with the image even if we did get there.

One important thing with the law of attraction is to allow for something better to come along. The universe is actually quite good at doing this kind of thing so long as it’s given a free reign and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The more detail you can go into in your request to attract a girl, the better.

I find it’s best to type away without editing myself – our minds are in two different modes when we’re writing creatively and when we’re editing critically, so separate out the two processes. Type away without correcting yourself and just let the description flow. Save the editing for later – you likely won’t have much to do.

Go into what seems like really intense detail. Hair color, length and thickness for instance. Plus the style, the shade of the highlights and the scent of the shampoo and conditioner.

Yes, the more detail the better. But without going for a specific name, just in case that rules out someone who’s close to them in every other sense but doesn’t have their name and address.

Once you’ve put out this intention, allow yourself to be open when the universe starts putting you in places and situations where you can bump into the girl of your dreams and let things run their course from there.

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