Can the Law of Attraction Help Me?

Can the law of attraction help me land a job? Can the law of attraction help me find my lifetime partner? Can the law of attraction help me secure a job?

The answer to those questions are all YES. Yes it can and yes it will.
What is the law of attraction, anyway?

If you read The Secret or watched the video, then this term is very familiar to you. Law of attraction means that your thoughts are capable in attracting your dreams and even your fears. May it be good or bad, if you let your mind dwell on that event, it will happen.
Remember that time when you are late for work and you worry too much about it? For some reason the every stoplight turns red, the cab you are in stops for a gas refill or worse, it breaks down. What about that time when you walk in for an interview of your dream job? You ended up getting the job offer in no time.

We have the capability to choose our thoughts but with the random thoughts running on our mind, how can we choose them? There a lot of thoughts and a lot of emotions associated to your thoughts. It may be difficult to control them. Those hundred thoughts and emotions can either be classified as good or bad. Focus on the good. Instead of thinking that you are going to be late or that you are scared of that job interview, redirect your thoughts by thinking that you can get to your work in no time and you will get that dream job.

Know what you want, visualize it and verbalize that you can and you will get it. Once you have believed it, you will be amazed on how everything just happens the way you expected them to be. The secret there is, once you conditioned yourself, your actions direct you in getting that goal.