Explaining the Law of Attraction

If truth be told understanding the law of attraction is not as hard as you might think. Simply put it means like attracts like.

According to this belief, focusing on a positive or a negative idea or thought attracts similar consequences. More clearly said, thinking well attracts good results and thinking bad brings similar – but less welcome – results in your life.

However, we need to go deeper to properly understand the law of attraction.

As the law dictates, someone who is thinking about a specific topic or problem stays focused on that topic and receives real life consequences based on that.

For example, consider the thoughts of very hungry person. He or she would think either “I need more food” or “I do not have enough food”. This leads them to focus on “need more food” or “do not have enough food”.

Thinking about the solution or what they already have could help them to change the thinking pattern and result. This means they should think “I have food unlike before” rather than “I do not have enough food”. Notice that this example is for a temporary situation: the person in question would not think about hunger once they have a full stomach.

This can be applied for more lengthy situations like your financial condition, accommodation problems or a relationship situation.

The problem is if the law is taken for granted then some questions can never be answered.

If thinking good attracts good and thinking bad attracts bad then what would happen when two people are thinking about the same thing?

If three candidates are available for one job and everyone is thinking positively, then who would get the job?

And what about those who experience a sudden bad condition like getting robbed, regardless once or repeatedly. It is as though they were thinking about getting robbed.

These questions are in direct conflict with the very idea of the Law of Attraction.

However, many believe these problems are caused by how the law is applied in real life, not for how they are stated.

Other than these confusions, the law of attraction is pretty simple to understand.

You just either have to focus on the good idea or change the negative idea to positive for good results. Otherwise, you will get what to think about.