How to Attract Luck

Luck isn’t something that just happens to other people – it really is possible to attract luck into your life. Give these 4 simple tips for attracting luck a try – keep an open mind and just allow lucky things to “happen” in your life.

4 Tips To Attract Luck

Attract luck
1. Keep a luck journal

This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself luckier.

The law of attraction says that we get what we focus on, so writing up all the different lucky things that have happened to you each and every day will keep you focussed in that direction. And, since like tends to attract like, the more lucky things you write down, the more you’ll attract.

Pick a regular time to do this and make sure you write an entry in your journal, even if at first it seems like you’re the unluckiest person in the world and you think you have nothing to report. Go back through your day and you’ll find that isn’t the case.

2. Look on the bright side

If you’re forever wandering round beneath your own personal thunder cloud, you won’t be attracting the better things in your life.

Moping around has its place but not for long.

Start seeing the cliched silver lining that is inside every cloud, no matter how dark it seems at the time.

Unless you’re stuck inside a coffin then you’re still alive. Which means there’s always something bright that you can find.

This will in turn start to attract luck into your life as you’ll begin to spot the opportunities that exist everywhere but that you’ve been missing until now because you’ve preferred to feel sorry for yourself instead.

3. Repeat some affirmations

Regularly repeating affirmations such as “I am a lucky person” and “I attract luck into my life” may sound incongruent at first. But repetition has a habit of working its way into your life – think of all those adverts you hated (or even still hate) yet you buy the advertised products. Which is why they repeat the darned things.

Put your being lucky affirmations somewhere you’ll notice them and repeat them on a regular basis. It’s your choice where. Stuck on a door or wall, written on your screensaver, stuck on a sticky note next to your screen, in your wallet or purse. It doesn’t matter where they are or how often you come across them. But it does matter that you’ll notice them and repeat them until you know them off by heart and repeat them at will.

4. Avoid the naysayers

You know who they are. The people who’ll swat down any positive idea you may have at 50 paces.

Avoid them like the plague.

And if that’s not totally practical (maybe because you work with them) then learn how to tune them out of your life as much as possible.

Don’t stoop to their level – there’s no point in doing that as it’s counterproductive in the longer term. But do play down what they say. Maybe make a joke of it if they’re unusual and the kind of person who’ll take a joke. But don’t moan about them behind their back.

Just let their comments glance past you and carry on with your quest to be the luckiest person you know!

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