How To Bring Abundance Into Your Life

A very small number of people are truly wealthy and even they don’t necessarily have a truly abundant life – think of recluses such as the late Howard Hughes who had vast wealth but still wasn’t blessed with happiness. So before you set yourself a money target for abundance, take a step back and think whether or not that’s what you actually want. It could be that you’d prefer more abundance of leisure time or something else that isn’t money based.

Abundance imageVery often the first thought that leaps into your mind is the best – it’s the one that your subconscious supplies rather than the considered response of your conscious mind, which often tries to conform to other people’s ideas instead of your own.

So, whatever your answer is to the question of what abundance means, what will it take to bring abundance into your life?

Start with accepting whoever and wherever you are. Which is a lot easier said than done. Deep down, a lot of us harbor ideas about ourselves that we’d rather not repeat out loud and which we sometimes don’t even admit to ourselves.

Take a few minutes out from your schedule and just allow these thoughts to come into your mind.

Then address each thought individually to see whether it is a road block on your journey towards bringing more abundance into your life.

The answers you get can be surprising.

Quite often the ideas that are holding us back from achieving a more abundant life seem quite trivial when they’re exposed.

There’s a good chance that your shrink was right – the ideas go back to your childhood.

Fortunately, you don’t have to re-live the moments which caused your opinions to form. There are a number of other techniques such as the NLP rewind technique that will help you to literally erase the path that your brain uses as a shortcut and allow you to re-write it now that you’re older and hopefully wiser.

Next up, cut down on the negativity in your life.

Negative views and ideas are a bigger hold-back with regard to abundance and lots of other things in your life. The trouble is that we’re exposed to them much more than we realize.

Start by cutting down or eliminating your news intake. That means the snappy bulletins on the radio, the longer programmes on television, your daily newspaper and forever checking Google News, Twitter and maybe even Facebook for news.

Good news doesn’t get circulation. Unless it’s your favorite team winning a game, see how fast a good news story travels versus a bad news one.

The bad news will make its way onto joke sites, Facebook status updates, prolific quantities of Tweets. It will be almost impossible to ignore unless you cut yourself off from any media. And even then there’s a good chance a friend or work colleague will mention it.

Try the same for good news. It just doesn’t spread as far or as fast.

But the more you can distance yourself from the energy sapping ability of negativity, the better. Which will allow your true nature to get a look in and this will, in turn, allow more room to bring abundance into your life.

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