How to Manifest Money

They say that money makes the world go round – but most of us are clueless when it comes to how to manifest money and abundance into our lives. It’s not taught at school. And our years of evolution haven’t been much help either – they’ve taught us how to survive but not how to prosper. So here are some ideas to help you to begin to manifest money and abundance into your life. Now or – at the very least – real soon.

Money senses fear

Manifest money imageQuite how an inanimate object can sense fear isn’t something I’m going to investigate here. But money knows when you are cool with it and it also knows when you’ve got that sense of awe about it.

So if you’re inwardly or outwardly afraid of money – or usually, too much money – you’re by no means alone. Even some millionaires have a nagging voice at the back of their mind which is asking what would happen if everything disappeared tomorrow. It’s why rich people go on working well past the statutory retirement age when they should really be basking on a yacht and enjoying themselves.

If you’ve got a fear of money, you need to work on reducing that fear. Methods such as hypnosis can play a part with this. Repeating positive affirmations such as “Money is flowing into my life” can help as well.

Fear is actually an odd sensation and as soon as you start chipping away at its edges, it will begin to recede.

Another way to help reduce your fear of money is to carry more of it. If you’re scared that you’ll spend more money just because it’s there, literally burning a hole in your pocket, start with just one extra note. Or carry a lot of small denomination notes – they still look bulky in your wallet or purse. Ideally, just carry a “float” with you that you don’t necessarily touch. You’ll find that your fears will slowly reduce when you do this.

Learn to dream

You don’t need to dream about dollar bills to be able to manifest money. But dreaming about the things money and abundance can bring into your life will help.

Guided dreams – often called visualizations – are even better. With these, you draft what your dream is on paper or screen. Then you flesh out the details so that they become as real as possible. The more detail, the better. OK, you’re unlikely to write out a 300 page book about your dream (although that would be excellent!) but go to a couple of sheets of paper at least – and not the tiny ones you get in small notebooks – aim for at least A4 or legal size.

A thousand words of dream, spelled out down to the tiniest detail, will help you to visualize what you want.

Then grab a few pictures so that the left and right sides of your brain have something to latch on to.

Next, print it out and pin it up somewhere that you’ll encounter it on a regular basis – at least daily.

And morph it into a screensaver on your computer and cell phone as well while you’re at it.

All these steps will help your dream become more real in your mind. And your mind will then try to reconcile the difference between your dream and your current reality, bringing them closer into alignment and helping you to almost automatically manifest money and abundance into your life.

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