Law of Attraction Affirmations

Law of attraction affirmations work best when we believe in them. If you do not have complete trust in your affirmations then you need to replace them to give them the best chance of being effective for you.

But do not make vague assertions such as if you affirm huge rewards from your company and in reality your business is going nowhere near. This would eventually make you frustrated instead of heading towards applying the attraction law.

We all need specific goals and a plan that is best repeated out loud every day.

Law of attraction affirmations imageJust as Napoleon Hill said in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you actually need to think about your goals being fulfilled at the moment while you say it aloud.

These affirmations have their course of action only when we feel it.

If you are worried about your success and at the same time speak about achieving your goal you will never get the desired results. You have to feel from within as if you have already nailed whatever it is you are aiming for.

Your words can never take full effect if you keep negative emotions piled up in your mind. They create resistant vibrations that prevent you from receiving returns from the universe.

Meditating is a good way to release this resistance and help you to make your affirmations with a clear mind.

If you doubt your faith in your emotions and think they are somehow becoming negative then there are ten effective affirmations that can help bring you back on track.

They will help to generate a sense of relief which is a sign of eliminating the resistance that are stopping you sending thoughts to the imaginary universe. To those who are on a spiritual path or in business these assertions should ring true from deep within you.

You need to make certain adjustments to make yourself comfortable with the feeling and to make it believe every single day by following the law of attraction.

Here are ten constructive affirmations that you can use to help adjust yourself to a more positive outlook:

  • I am the sacred child of a loving and kind God-force whose spirit has become my spirit.
  • I am getting plenty of blessings through all channels both expected and unexpected.
  • I am performing with assurance on the motivations that spirits send me.
  • I am giving in more goodness and light to this world via my business and life.
  • I am achieving more income every day; I thank spirit for everything that I receive.
  • I am contributing to others generously in deeds, words and thoughts.
  • I am a benefactor and beneficiary of love.
  • I am giving my body enough rest and taking care of it with healthy food and exercise.
  • I am taking control of my mind through meditation and positive thinking activity.
  • I am always successful with the divine spirit in me.

It is time that your unconscious and conscious mind will accept these affirmations quickly and easily because there is nothing to hinder along the way and they become soul truth statements.

With every day that you write your thoughts while you speak, your inner soul will power up and you will feel yourself to be strengthening.

You will experience being attracted to all that you have decided to accomplish.

The statement “I Am” is the main driving force of these law of attraction affirmations since it is the creative principle of the universe.

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