How to make people like you

Technically it’s not really possible to actually make people like you because it’s bad enough trying to control our own feelings without the totally impossible task of controlling how someone else thinks. But there are lots of things that we say and do that can influence the thoughts of other people whether they know it or not. So we’ll take a look at how you can use the law of attraction to make people more likely to like you, even if they’re currently daggers drawn, claws at full stretch, at the merest inkling that you’re in the same building as them.

First impressions count

This may sound shallow but it’s also true. We judge nearly everything we encounter fast nowadays. Whether that’s a website, a television show or a real person.

So you need to be aware of the impression you make on other people.

This could be the slightly out of favor “dress for success” idea (some people are saying that it’s old fashioned – usually whilst wearing quite a fancy suit).

Or it could be making sure that you’re regularly smiling – we’ll come on to this in more detail a bit later.

If you’re not sure how good – or bad – your first impression is, ask a rtusted friend or colleague to tell you, no holds barred. And then act on the answer if you want to start making people like you more.

Be more positive

Part of the law of attraction revolves around us attracting what we focus on. So if you’re always being negative then there’s an excellent chance that you will be attracting negative stories and negative people into your life like moths to a light.

Instinctively, negative people will be looking for the downsides attached to you, the negative aspects of your personality. Which won’t push them towards liking you more.

Work on your positivity. Repeat positive affirmations, watch happy movies and TV shows, get hold of some positive videos on YouTube or even create your own – it’s pretty easy nowadays as software handles almost everything professionally.

Do whatever it takes to be more positive, more often.

Using the law of attraction to make people like you imageSmile!

Smiling more often is a really easy way to change moods.

Smiling is infectious – it’s hard to ignore smiles, even when you’re feeling less than 100%. It’s one of the reasons that television comedy shows either use a live audience (with cue cards telling them when to laugh as well as when to applaud) or use a canned laughter track.

You don’t need to guffaw or laugh out loud. But smiling on a more regular basis is definitely worth the effort. It won’t necessarily make people like you more but it will almost certainly change the reaction you get from them.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles then you’ll probably remember Steve Martin’s character kicking off at a hapless car rental lady and being told his fate. You can make sure that this is unlikely to happen to you in whatever area of your life by simply smiling more often.

Add making people like you to your goals list

Goals or requests we put out to the universe or whatever other nickname we like to give them. They’re great things for keeping you on track in every area of your life. And that goes for making people like you just as much as any other target.

Detail out your request to the universe to attract people to you rather than repelling them.

Then expand this request – add more and more detail until you could literally become part of the world you’ve described. Because anything you can vividly imagine stands much more likelihood of coming to pass.

This suggestion may sound superficial but it’s worth spending a few minutes writing it out and sending it out to the universe in whatever fashion you prefer.

Do unto others…

There’s actually a lot to be said for this one.

If you treat other people the way you’d expect to get treated yourself, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll respond in like manner.

So be conscious about how you talk to other people and how you treat them. With the right wording, there’s almost no difference between telling someone to do something and asking them to do it (with the full expectation that they will say “yes”).

If you’ve not done this before, try some rehearsals.

Talk to yourself (not generally in public – that would look odd). Practice in a mirror. But make sure you do this out loud, not in your head. It literally sounds different and that has a positive effect on your subconscious.

It’s a very easy way to start making people like you – they may not consciously notice the shift in their perception but it will happen none the less.

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