Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting abundance is a great idea and we’ve actually got a head start because nature’s instinct is one of abundance, so we’re going with the flow when we aim for a more abundant life. But that doesn’t mean everything will be plain sailing. Here are some ideas to help when you hit a brick wall in your goals.

Manifesting abundance image5 Manifesting Abundance Tips

1. Be positive

The universe responds to positive things best. In fact, most of the time it ignores negatives because it has such a difficult job understanding them.

This means that your focus in life should be positive wherever and whenever possible. Sure, there’ll probably be the occasional slip-up but you need to turn it round as soon as it pokes its head above the parapet.

Thinking positive is truly a way of life and is probably the best way to handle any problems with manifesting abundance. It’s certainly the first place you should look.

2. Check your direction

This is another common sticking point.

If you’re heading in one direction but should be going maybe the opposite way or even just a slightly different course, this will be spotted by the law of attraction and – once again – it will get confused when it’s trying to deliver what you think you want.

If you’re trying to go in more than one direction at once, the result is confusion. A bit like taking every right turn on a journey “just because”.

3. Be grateful

Overall, the universe is a happy place. Sure there are areas that could be improved but that goes for anthing.

Being grateful for what you have is an essential step to ensuring that you receive the abundance you’re trying to manifest.

Make a habit of saying “thank you” whenever it’s appropriate. Even this small change will have a positive effect on the people you thank which will be returned to you in smiles and in other areas.

Keep a gratitude journal and jot down things to be grateful for every day. We get what we focus on (that’s the law of attraction in a nutshell) and if we focus on our gratitude then we’ll generally become more grateful which has a very positive knock-on effect in our lives.

4. Use affirmations

It may sound corny or “happy clappy” but using affirmations helps keep our minds focussed. Dig around on the web or write your own (positively worded) affirmations. Then repeat them on a regular basis.

Depending on your personality, try one or more of these:

  • I am a money magnet!
  • Wealth is pouring into my life
  • Opportunities arrive at the right time in the right place

5. Live in the present

Too often people find that the real reason they’re not attracting abundance into their life is that they aren’t living in the here and now.

The past is gone. It may have been good or bad to you but you can’t get it back. It’s history and that’s it and all about it.

The future isn’t here yet. It is ahead of us in our life but – by definition – it isn’t yet a part of our life. We can often affect it but we can’t live it.

You need to live in the present as much as possible in order to help attract abundance into your life.

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