Manifesting Law of Attraction Abundance

When you go about manifesting law of attraction abundance, it’s important to be clear what you want. Otherwise you run the risk of manifesting the equivalent of an overgrown garden full of weeds into your life – it’s got abundance but not what most of us would want.

manifesting law of attraction abundance photoManifesting Law of Attraction Abundance

Start by being crystal clear on what you do want to manifest.

Write it down, sketch it out, create a story board, tell everyone who’ll listen. Whatever works for you!

Go into incredible detail – the more detail the better. Imagine that you’re creating a world class movie and then go into the depth of detail that encompasses every film. A typical blockbuster movie will take 9 months to create something that’s on screen for a total of around 90 minutes. Every single aspect will be planned – even things that won’t really be noticed because they’re part of a background shot that lasts a handful of seconds.

If you’re not a detail person, you’ll need to take some other steps to help you with manifesting law of attraction things into your life.

Clip out or print out pictures of what you want to attract into your life. Use these to create a picture board and put that board in a place where you’ll see it on a regular basis. Ideally many times a day.

Manifesting law of attraction items into your life thrives on this kind of detail.

If you’re like most people, your focus is on the negative things in life.

To prove this, open up a notepad or a Word document or a spreadsheet. Every 15 minutes jot down the main thing or things your mind has been focused on. After a few hours, you’ll notice a common theme. If you’re like most people, this theme will be a lack of things – lack of money, lack of a caring partner to share your life with, etc.

So the bad news is that you’re already using manifesting law of attraction to attract all that negative stuff into your life.

The good news is that by turning round your thoughts – even for only part of the time (but ideally most all of the time) -you’ll begin to turn round the things that you’re using manifesting and the law of attraction to bring things into your life.

You’ll lapse occasionally – you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t – but every time you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts, turn them round. Don’t tell yourself off or admonish yourself. Just make a joke of it and remind yourself that this was the kind of thing that you used to do, before you made manifesting law of attraction and abundance a part of your life.

Keep up with this for at least a couple of weeks. It takes us at least that time to change our habits and using manifesting and the law of attraction is no exception to that rule.

Most people are pleasantly surprised at how much this simple exercise can turn round their attitude and their life.

Put aside any disbelief and see how you can use this in your life.

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