Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

If manifesting wealth and abundance into your life seems like just a dream, it’s time to turn that dream into reality. Despite the likely outward appearance to the contrary, it truly is possible to bring wealth into your life. And it’s nowhere near as difficult as it appears at first glance if you know what to do.

Manifesting wealthSeven Steps To Manifesting Wealth

1. Have a clear destination

You need an end point to aim for. You may decide to start small – earning an extra $100 during next week for example – so that your mind has chance to adjust. And that’s fine so long as you adjust the target upwards when you either reach it or “almost reach” it.

2. Set up milestones

If your target is big, chances are that you’re going to embark on a long journey. Maybe a few months, maybe even a few years.

Human nature being what it is, we often get disheartened or distracted when something doesn’t happen fast enough.

So set mini goals along the way so that you keep your enthusiasm up.

3. Buddy up

We’re not designed to be solitary creatures. We need company and that applies just as much when we’re pursuing a goal of wealth and abundance as it does anywhere else in our life.

So find a supportive person to buddy up with.

Provide them with help and support when they need it and ask them to do the same for you.

This will help you get through the almost inevitable lulls and pitfalls in your journey to bring wealth in your life.

4. Reward yourself occasionally

It doesn’t have to be a massive reward but it does need to be something that you’ll look forward to earning.

Set the rewards up so that you treat yourself when you reach some of your milestones. Much like Pavlov’s dogs, you’ll find that this helps to keep you on track.

5. Brush distractions aside

No doubt about it, you’ll be tempted by distractions on your journey to boosting your wealth.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to follow each and every one of them like a dog chasing its tail.

As often as possible, brush your distractions aside. Or if they’re really tempting, morph them into one of your rewards. That way they’re kept in their own compartment and are less likely to lead you off course and onto the rocks.

6. Be grateful

When you start achieving even a fraction of the wealth and abundance you’ve targeted for yourself, you may be tempted to take it for granted.

Instead, take a step back and be grateful for the abundance you’ve already brought into your life. Smile. Thank people and jot a thank-you note in your gratitude diary.

7. Give something back

This may sound at odds with your target to start with. But the universe rewards people who give as well as take

Some call it karma.

But whatever name you choose to give it, just make sure that you give something back in return for all the wealth and riches you’ve started to attract into your life.

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