Quantum Cookbook Review

The Quantum Cookbook is a multi CD set that is based on practical ways of getting the law of attraction to work in your life.

It retails at $147 (see lowest price) and is well worth the money.

Quantum Cookbook Review

The CDs come packed with a mixture of PDF reports and MP3 audios.

The law of attraction is often described in woolly terms – The Secret was big on the idea of just watching the movie and “vibrating” at the right level. And whilst that can contribute to the way the law of attraction works by increasing your level of things like gratitude, it lacks the kind of practical ideas that are featured in the Quantum Cookbook.

Science behind the law of attraction

The main Quantum Cookbook report goes into the science that lies behind the law of attraction and governs our lives even if we don’t consciously acknowledge that the laws exist.

Whilst you don’t need to know how the attraction laws operate – much the same as you don’t need to know how gravity works – it does help to quell some of those nagging thoughts in your mind when you read about the scientific principles behind the laws.

Interestingly, there have been some studies done where people’s brains have been hooked up to sensors and those are starting to back up the original claims about the law of attraction.

For instance, we have “mirror neurons” that allow us to act as though we’re doing the same thing we’re observing.

That’s why it’s often said that our life is the result of our thoughts – we’re constantly thinking certain thoughts and those thoughts then manifest themselves in our lives. Even though we consciously tell ourselves that’s not what we want!

Using the Quantum Cookbook to train your thoughts

The Quantum Cookbook goes into a lot of detail about how you should word your thoughts and requests to the universe.

There’s a large section on how you should word your attraction requests to the universe in order to maximize the chance of them coming into your life.

The section includes help with asking the right questions in the first place. Within reason, the more precise your requests, the more likely they are to be filled and to manifest themselves in your life.

There are plenty of examples to help you do this – because Quantum Cookbook has been well researched, you’re almost certain to find several that closely fit what you’re aiming to get.

The report also goes through some reality checks. Too often we manage to fool ourselves about what’s happening in our life and these reality checks will bring you back down to earth.

Visualization is one of the techniques covered in Quantum Cookbook and the report goes into some of the reasons why how you’ve visualized things before may have hindered attracting them rather than helped.

There’s also a 10 point law of attraction checklist to help you manifest good things quickly.

The Quantum Cookbook suggests that the time of day you carry out your law of attraction requests is important. Some of the time our minds are more receptive than at other times so it’s important to know this.

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Extra items included with the Quantum Cookbook

For those people in a rush to prove to themselves that the law of attraction works. there’s a 30 minute Quantum Cookbook overview audio that is a quick start guide to using the law of attraction principles that are covered in the guide.

There’s also a step-by-step manifestation session that you can play to guide you through the manifestation process. That saves having to memorize all the different steps – you just play the track and follow the instructions.

4 interviews with stars from The Secret. If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll recognize the names of the people who’ve been interviewed; Fred Alan Wolf, James Arthur Ray, Joe Vitale and Hale Dwoskin.

Final Thoughts

Quantum Cookbook is a thorough, real world, implementation of the law of attraction.

It’s well explained with plenty of examples that you can use to get good things manifested fast into your life.

It’s covered by a 3 month, no quibble, guarantee.

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