Subliminal Power Review

Subliminal Power is a software program that runs on Windows computers. It automatically flashes up subliminal messages but – by their very nature – you won’t actually consciously notice this happening unless your PC is overloaded.

How does Subliminal Power work?

Subliminal Power Screenshot

Subliminal Power works on the basic idea that subliminal messages can (by definition) be easily hidden. It is a small computer program that is designed to take advantage of the spare processing power that almost every modern computer has.

Subliminal Power flashes short messages on your computer screen. They’re only shown for a fraction of a second – the default length of time is 100 millisceconds – and only show every few seconds – the default gap between them is 5 seconds, so you’ll be “shown” 12 messages per minute.

This means that if you’re sitting at your computer for 6 hours a day then you’ll be exposed to 4,320 subliminal messages each and every day.

Which is more than enough for your subconscious to notice what’s happening!

Subliminal Power pros and cons


  • Comes with pre-written messages for a fast start
  • Ability to add your own subliminal messages and affirmations – great if you want to focus on something that isn’t included in the software or if you want to add extra “oomph”
  • Pre-written messages give you a good model for your own affirmations
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to use
  • Can set the program to start when Windows starts
  • Random screen position for messages


  • Only works on Windows PCs
  • If your machine is doing some really heavy computing (unlikely unless you’re recalculating something like a massive spreadsheet) then you may see the messages

Subliminal Power verdict

Setting up the Subliminal Power program is easy – it comes with its own installation routine.

After that, there’s no need for you to do anything unless you want to add your own custom affirmations.

Because the software runs in the background on your computer, this makes it ideal for anyone who wants to use self improvement on themself but is short of time – because the program works in the background whilst you’re at your computer you don’t need to set any extra time aside to use it. The subliminals just “happen” whilst you’re doing your regular stuff on your computer.

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