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Why I Choose to Follow the Law of Abundance

The life that we live in this world is normally guided by laws (including the law of abundance) which apply to us regardless of whether we choose to follow them or not.

One of these laws is the law of abundance. This law basically tells us that we have everything within our reach which we need to make our lives a living dream. Therefore the choice to have your dreams come true lies with you and the choice to have my dreams come true lies with me since everything you and I require to achieve our goals lie within our grasp and just waits for us to notice these things that will make our dreams come true.

Actually through effort and applying the law we can be anything we wish we could.
We can subdivide the law of abundance into eight parts which can be easily used to define it.

These are:

  • That the law is a science that brings certainty and predictability to our lives by helping us understand what we need in order to achieve our dreams.
  • The law is philosophy which allows us to broaden our insights and influence in the choices we make in life.
  • The law is a journey that we choose where we want to go and when we want to go and the journey will always deliver us there.
  • The law is a spirituality which we develop so as to insulate us from failure to achieve our dreams.A vision by which we choose to see and bring ourselves great fortune in our lives.
  • The law gives us the key that we should use to unlock life’s mysteries which always prevent us from seeing whom we really are.
  • The law acts as a way we can define our process of transformation from a dreamless state to be great dream driven people.
  • The law finally can be viewed as a gift for humanity.

With the law of abundance always in mind nothing will prevent us to reach our goals since we would know everything that we need to reach there.