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How to Manifest Wealth in Your Life

A lot of people see the law of attraction as their fast route to manifest wealth and, if you’re diligent in your approach, that can certainly be the case. At its simplest, the law of attraction works by changing the way your body “vibrates”. This can seem odd at first but once you get over how simple it is to do in practice you’ll find yourself manifesting wealth in your life faster than you ever believed was possible.

Manifest wealth imageSuspend your disbelief

Walt Disney was right about this. For a lot of us, the movies are real whilst we’re sitting in the cinema, popcorn in one hand, soft drink in the other (just to ground us enough!), wearing our 3D specs.

But you don’t need to spend the millions of dollars that Hollywood lavishes on movies to have your own experience of suspending disbelief.

Chances are that your conscious mind is sitting there between you and your dream. So your task is to get it to move out of the way long enough for your dream to start to manifest itself.

How you distract your mind is up to you – lots of people find meditating works fast – but it’s critical to letting the law of attraction do its thing fast.

Focus on your target

This could be a dollar amount – in which case, make whatever statement you use as one of your affirmations include the words “at least”. This gives the universe the chance to exceed your expectations. Which it’s very good at doing if you let it carry out whatever manifestation task you’ve set it.

So set your target, focus on it at regular intervals and then let the universe work out precisely how your target is going to be delivered. It’s often a slightly indirect method that the law of attraction uses (sometimes wildly indirect) so just go wth the flow on this rather than fretting over minute details.

Allow yourself to manifest wealth

Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle between us and the wealth we want to manifest is actually ourself.

If you’re forever putting obstacles – real or imagined – in the way of the things you truly want to manifest in your life then you need to find a way to either stop yourself creating these obstacles or, for those times when you realize too late that you’re getting in your own way, dismantling them faster than you can rebuild them.

Deep down, you’ll know how you sabotage yourself.

You’ll probably know the things that trigger it as well.

If it’s easy to do, keep yourself away from whatever it is that triggers you to avoid manifesting wealth and other nice things. That could be as simple as taking a different route somewhere or trapping those negative thoughts whilst they’re still gestating. Feel free to play around with this until you find a technique that works for you most of the time.

If it’s not something you can trap that way then get hold of some kind of inspirational material that will help to change the way you think about the law of attraction forever.

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