Using Attraction Without Being Greedy

If using attraction in your life seems more of a struggle than it should be, take a look at these ideas for using the law of attraction positively.

One of the hold backs a lot of people experience with using the law of attraction is the actual core concept of abundance. If you’re like most people, you’ve been brought up with the idea that there is a finite supply of near enough everything. Which on a “local” level may be true but in the context of the universe is so wrong it’s embarrassing. But until your mind gets to grips with that idea (if it ever does) then you may need to tame down your requests so that you can use the law of attraction without your conscious mind accusing you of being greedy.

2 Easy Ways of Using Attraction

using attraction
Rephrase your requests

At one level or another, you’re putting out requests to the universe.

When they start out with this, most people will word those requests so that they’re self-limiting. Just in case the request isn’t granted by the universe because it looks like you’re being greedy.

So you’ll maybe ask for a specific sum of money or a particular age and model of car. But these will almost always be limited because there’s that awkward nagging voice at the back of your mind that says “don’t be too greedy”. And you’ve listened to it.

But a simple rephrasing of your request can get over this.

Add the words “at least ” to your request. So you’d ask for “at least a thousand dollars” rather than the specific figure.

Or if it’s a physical item add in “or something even better” or some similar words. So your 2007 red car with whatever engine size and other trimmings would end with the caveat that it was absolutely fine for the universe to over-deliver on your request.

Give this a go and see how often you’ve underestimated the capacity of universe to deliver nearly anything.

Work on the concept of greed

Is the idea that you’re being greedy in what you’re trying to attract your idea or the people around you?

Quite often we get fixed in a particular comfort zone. So do our friends and colleagues.

If you’re suddenly trying to move outside that comfort zone then other people (maybe including yourself) start get to get worried and uncomfortable. That’s one of the reasons it’s called a comfort zone and why so many people limit themselves more than they need to.

If it’s “only” other people who are naysaying your goals and calling them too greedy, it’s a relatively simple job to simply not share your aspirations with these kindly, but ultimately defeatist, people.

If it’s you that is getting in the way and constantly snarling at you not to be greedy in what you’re trying to attract, that’s not as easy.

But fortunately it’s do-able.

The earlier idea of using “at least” can sneak past your critical mind more often than you’d initially credit.

But if that doesn’t work, it’s time to tell your aggressive inner voice precisely where it can stick itself. Yes – you can do that. And, yes, it works near enough all the time. Just (in your head, not out loud) tell that voice that it’s no longer welcome in your head.

Then you can use the law of attraction, go for seemingly impossible targets and splatter them into insignificance.

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